INSTI Multiplex HIV-1 / HIV-2 / Syphilis Antibody Test

One sample, one minute, two results.

Two results in as little as 60 seconds

HIV and syphilis co-infection is a concerning issue that affects us globally. Developed on the proven INSTI platform, the INSTI Multiplex assay screens for both HIV and syphilis infections simultaneously on one device in 60 seconds.

The INSTI Multiplex assay offers a powerful tool for identifying individuals who need HIV and/or syphilis treatment, preventing mother-to-child transmission, and reducing the spread of both infections worldwide.


  • Rapid

    Test yields results in as little as 60 seconds

  • Flexible

    Its rapid results makes it easy to include in a variety of workflow models

  • Compatible

    INSTI works with most testing algorithms

  • Sensitive

    Detects IgM and IgG Antibodies


  • Unique immunofiltration “flow-through” design

  • Built-in IgG capture procedural control

  • Measures antibody directed against T. pallidum antigens

  • Lancet, pipette and alcohol swab included

  • No timers required

  • Spill-free membrane


  • Sample Type



  • Fingerstick Blood

    99.3 – 100%

    99.0 – 99.8%

For more information, see the INSTI Multiplex HIV-1/HIV-2/Syphilis Ab Test Instructions for Use.

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