For Point-of-Care Providers

bioLytical is a leading manufacturer of rapid diagnostic assays. We aim to provide quality innovative products to enable our partners to be leaders in their markets.

How to Use INSTI

INSTI is trusted by healthcare professionals globally with over 15 million tests already performed. The INSTI platform provides accurate results in 1 minute, where other competing products require 20 minutes to days for their results.

Collect blood

Use the lancet to prick your finger and collect a drop of blood.

hiv testing kit instructions

Add Blood Sample

Add your blood into Bottle 1 and shake.

hiv self test instructions

Pour Solutions

Shake and pour solutions one at a time.

Discreet, easy, and accurate results

Quick Guides & References

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Our Platform

The INSTI® platform uses innovative flow-through technology to provide point-of-care diagnostic tests which are both fast and highly accurate.

Our INSTI® platform adapted to HIV resulted in a highly accurate HIV antibody test that provides a result in 60 seconds or less, far faster than the 15-20 minutes required for tests based on lateral flow technology. The speed of INSTI® generates meaningful clinical and financial advantages that translate into a compelling value proposition for patients, healthcare professionals, payers and public health organizations.

The INSTI® platform is highly adaptable to a wide range of infectious and other diseases. bioLytical® Laboratories is committed to expanding its product lines by deploying the INSTI® platform to disease states where significant unmet public health needs intersect with commercial opportunity. Our R&D team is focused on advancing our product pipeline and also provides contract development services for novel applications of the INSTI® platform.


hiv antibody testing kit
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