Overcoming the obstacles, together

August 13, 2019

This summer has had its fair share of success stories. Remember Team USA’s stunning victory at the Women’s World Cup? The thing that all winners have in common is teamwork. Uniting together in pursuit of shared targets and conquering any challenges in our way.

Testing organizations nationwide are turning to INSTI to make their HIV testing goals a reality. We’re partners and teammates in ending the HIV / AIDS epidemic.

Fast is good, but fastest is better

INSTI helps to optimize testing models by delivering instant results from a three-step procedure that takes only one minute. It’s the world’s speediest HIV test.

With no timer required, an INSTI kit contains all the equipment needed, including a blood collection kit with a pipette and lancet. The process is just sample – pour – result. That’s right, it really is as easy as 1,2,3.  The INSTI HIV-1/HIV-2 Antibody Test is CLIA waived, meaning it is simple and can be used effectively by untrained, non-professional test providers. It also provides easy-to-read results: one dot shows a non-reactive result and two dots means reactive.

The technology behind the test

Like Lebron James’ dunk, or Serena Williams’ signature backhand, there’s a whole lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make something powerful look effortless. INSTI is backed by clinically proven flow-through technology which makes it different than almost all other rapid tests, which are based on traditional lateral flow. It is the unique flow-through technology that allows for an instant result. Gone are the days of a seven-minute handling procedure and 20 minutes for the test to cure – it truly is a one minute test with an instant result.

Getting it right

The results aren’t just quick, they are accurate too. In US clinical trials, INSTI was proven to be more than 99% accurate. Fingerstick blood, the most common method for rapid testing, has a sensitivity of 99.8% and specificity of 99.5%. and similar results have been demonstrated in whole blood and plasma, too. Okay, okay, we’ve all heard it… in real world studies, products aren’t always what they claim. Myth busted – INSTI performs similarly as well in fingerstick blood as in plasma with no delay in sensitivity.

After all, an amazing touchdown or historic gymnastic triple-double would be nothing without accuracy.

The key to early detection

INSTI detects HIV antibodies using proprietary gp 41 and gp 36 antigens. This means that it can be used with any other rapid test in a rapid-rapid protocol since no other test uses the same antigens.

A CDC study proved that INSTI can detect HIV 9 days earlier than Western Blot. With enhanced sensitivity and early IgM detection, INSTI demonstrated the ability to accurately detect earlier than any other antibody test.

Early detection is only valuable when it works. INSTI’s early detection was a focus for another study, where scientists showed that INSTI’s design allows for the capture and detection of HIV IgM antibodies in early seroconversion. This means that INSTI can detect as early as 21-22 days post infection. On the other hand, the p24 antigen can be detected as soon as 15 days post infection but is undetectable by around day 30.

The INSTI Hall of Fame

“I love INSTI. We don’t want to hold people for any longer than we have to so from a time and scheduling perspective it is great. The rapidity is what is really important to us, especially when we are welcoming clients who are stressed or anxious about their HIV status. When you see them walk out happy and relaxed just a few minutes later, that’s where you see the real-life value.”

“INSTI is, and will continue to be, one of the most important parts of our strategy.”

Mackenzie Copley, One Tent Health

“We use INSTI wherever possible. Having a test where you can get the results in a minute as opposed to 20 makes that a lot easier.”

Tony Christon-Walker, AIDS Alabama

Welcome to the club

With an all-star solutions team located around the United States, and an excellent customer support team ready to answer any question, we will always be there to help testing organizations reach the undiagnosed in communities all around the country.

Switching to INSTI is simple, and there’s no better time to join our team than today. With a CLIA waived test and training available online and in person, we help testing teams get up and running right away.

Let’s do it together

We are passionate about ending HIV and AIDS. Of the estimated 1.1 million people in the U.S. living with HIV, it is estimated that 15 percent of them are unaware of their status. Whether testing is taking place in a remote rural clinic or a busy city event, the simple fingerstick blood test is a vital first step for speeding up linkage to further treatment, care, PrEP, and counseling for every individual – whatever the result.

Ordering couldn’t be easier

Email info@biolytical.com for your free quote. Ordering INSTI test kits is as easy as the test itself, just fill out our new account form, order and get your kits!

INSTI is the key, unlock your testing potential.

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